Changing Seasons Meal Plan

Weekly-Meal-Plan-Kitchen-SimplicityToday, I’m over at the Food Bloggers of Canada sharing a 7 day vegetarian menu plan that celebrates the changing of seasons. This week’s meal plan uses a variety of late summer produce (tomatoes, zucchini, corn, basil and peppers) and some early fall produce such as pumpkin. There’s also two recipes featuring cauliflower for good measure. Since The Fig Tree is a wholesome food blog that celebrates vegetarian and vegan cuisine from around-the-world, this week’s meal plan is set up to take you and your family on a trip around the globe. From Mexican to Chinese, from Indian to Italian, you’ve got your week set. Taking inspiration from around-the-world, this week’s menu plan will prove the vegetarian meals are delicious and far from boring.

Find the 7 day meal plan and shopping list on the Food Bloggers of Canada website. Check out the meal plan archives for some more great 7 day menu ideas.

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