The "New" Fig Tree Blog

I am so very excited to be launching the new Fig Tree blog today! After three months of working with Jesse to design and code the new blog, I am thrilled to finally be able to share the new space with all of you. I’m also excited to finally show you the new logo I had designed by the incredibly talented Melissa at Wooden Spoons Kitchen. Melissa was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was able to capture exactly what I was looking for in a design. She also helped me rediscover what inspires me when choosing photos and recipes to share on The Fig Tree blog. Thank you a million times over Melissa! You are a star!


For my regular readers, you may have noticed that the focus of The Fig Tree has changed slightly along with its new look. The blog’s focus will remain on vegetarian and vegan cuisine. However, I will now be concentrating on putting together posts inspired by the many ethnic cuisines from around the world. Such inspiration has lead me to lead a life of variety and enabled me to become creative in the kitchen. I’m hoping my new focus will inspire you to try new ingredients + techniques and become creative in the kitchen too.


Please take a moment and look around. I’d love to hear about your thoughts on the new focus and the new design. Please feel free to contact me if you find any links or features that do not work. I’d like to iron out all of the kinks as soon as possible :)


Thank you for your continued readership! xo


And please check out Wooden Spoons Kitchen. I highly recommend this company for fantastic design and hosting services.


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    WOW. Just wow. It’s BEAUTIFUL. I love it so much. I mean, I loved it before, but I love it even more (if that’s possible!)
    So exciting that you will be doing veg recipes from around the world…. right up my alley :)
    Have a great week.

    • thefigtree says

      Hey Stephanie :) Thank you so much for your kind words. I am thrilled to hear you like the re-design! Hope you have a fantastic week too! xo

    • thefigtree says

      Thank you so much :) It was so much fun to design and code with Jesse. Melissa did an amazing job with the logo too!

    • thefigtree says

      Not a problem! I definitely want to credit you for your work + design. And recommend WSK whole-heartedly to all my readers :)

    • thefigtree says

      Thank you! I’m so glad you like it. Doing a redesign was so much fun. It’s been like a fresh start and it has re-inspired me in the kitchen.
      I love your blog though, so don’t change it too much. It’s already great!

    • thefigtree says

      Thank you Allison! :) I’m so glad you like it. So glad you are back blogging again. I missed hearing from you. xo

    • thefigtree says

      Thanks Sonja! :) Really loving my new space. I feel so inspired and ready to get back into the kitchen. I’ve focused so much on getting this redesign done, I’ve been slacking in the kitchen! *hah* Jesse will be happy I’m cooking again.

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    I am so in love with your new blog – everything from the design and colour scheme (love the purple!) to the new focus of ethnic cuisines – love it all! Can’t wait to see some of the new recipes you have in store :) You’ve also inspired me to do a little blog facelift of my own – just minor changes and nothing to this extent though – but thanks for the inspiration! :)

    • thefigtree says

      Thank you so much Nat! :) Your opinion means a lot, because I know you have great taste! I feel very inspired and cannot wait to start cooking and posting ethnically inspired recipes. I’m excited to see the changes you make to your blog. I already love it though, so don’t change it too much! *hugs*

    • thefigtree says

      Awe, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :) I definitely agree! A blog re-design has felt like spring cleaning. I de-cluttered the site and re-focused. Feels great! Your blog is fantastic too! Already found a bunch of things I want to make from it :)

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    Beautiful! I’m loving the new look! I have a quote from Wooden Spoons sitting in my inbox, and though I worry that it might be too expensive, I’m seeing now that it’s totally worth it. I might send you a little email soon to ask you some questions. :-)

    Congrats on the redesign- It’s gorgeous!

    • thefigtree says

      Thanks Kristy! xo I am very happy with the redesign. It was a lot of trial and error, but Jesse and I finally got what I was looking for. Melissa at Wooden Spoons Kitchen really helped me refocus my blog (and re-inspire me!) and designed the most beautiful logo. I love it! I highly recommend working with WSK! :) Lots of talent to tap in to. Please message me and we can chat more about it. Sometimes it’s good to have your questions answered before committing to spend money.

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    I love your redesign! I adore your new focus! And I am so so happy that you have a newsletter now! :D I am terrible at keeping up with my RSS reader and do much better with email, so now I’ll never miss a post! Congratulations on the revamp. I am really excited for you!

    • thefigtree says

      Awe, thank you so much! :) I’m glad you like it. It feels great to have a new look along with my new focus. I feel inspired for the first time in a few months and I could not be happier about it. It’s been fun getting back into the kitchen, doing research and planning posts again. I am so glad you’ll be able to keep up with my posts. I adore your blog and always look forward to getting an email in my inbox about a new post of yours! xo

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    Congrats on launching the new design! I’ve already told you through Facebook that I love it, but I’m happy to tell you again! I’m excited that you’re moving to more of an ethnic focus – can’t wait to see more international recipes from you!

    • thefigtree says

      Awe, thank you so much! xo I’m super excited about my new focus too. It’s funny – I had been feeling a bit stagnant. I was still cooking lots, but felt less like I wanted to share online. But this new focus has inspired me and now I cannot stop planning posts and doing research. It’s been great to feel passionate about cooking and blogging again :)

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