Sugared Cranberries

I love cranberries. I love their deep red colour. I love their sour bite. I love them in pies, cakes, sauces etc. I love all the more when they’ve been tossed with a little bit of extra-fine sugar & cinnamon, so that they look as though they’ve been iced/frosted. These cranberries (pictured above) were soaked in a simple syrup with cinnamon over night then drained and tossed with extra fine granulated sugar to give them the frosted look. After I had sugared them, I laid them flat on parchment paper to dry. They turned out great! Not only were they pretty, they tasted fantastic. They were sweet with hints of cinnamon…yet still a little sour. The contrast was nice. I put out a bowl of these to be eaten like candy at a recent Christmas party. However, I ate way too many and gave myself a cranberry-induced stomach ache. :) I also used some of the sugared cranberries to decorate the Cranberry Almond Cake I had made (recipe to follow).

Source: Whole Foods website


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