Chocolate Pecan Butter Tart Squares

untitled-15-2As a Canadian, I am surrounded by a multitude of cultures. This has both inspired and shaped what I eat and what I cook on a daily basis. Canadian cuisine is really difficult to categorize. It’s Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish, Filipino, French, English, Portuguese, Moroccan, Greek, Italian etc. There are very few dishes that are uniquely Canadian. However, one sweet treat that can classically be considered as truly Canadian is the butter tart made with pure maple syrup…and well…lots of butter!!! Butter Tarts are traditionally made during the holiday season in Canada and everyone seems to have a different family recipe.  For example, pecans are optional for some and a must for others! Raisins are often included and sometimes people add rum for an extra kick. My mom normally makes traditional butter tarts (with pecans), but she does like to change things up every now and again. Last year, my mom surprised the family with chocolate studded butter tart square. It was incredible! Since my transition from vegetarian to vegan, I’ve not been able to enjoy butter tarts…until now!

untitled-38-2A few weeks ago, I decided to try my hand at re-creating my mom’s chocolate pecan butter tart square, but without all of the eggs and dairy. Even in eliminating the rich butter and eggs, these vegan chocolate pecan butter tart squares are rich, gooey and incredibly addictive! Once I perfected the recipe, I opted to share it through Keepin’ It Kind’s annual cookie party swap. Kristy has a number of bloggers share their favourite vegan cookie/bar recipes on her fabulous blog every holiday season, so that others are inspired to try their hand at cruelty-free sweets for the holidays! I love all of the recipes that have been shared in the cookie party swap this year! Please head on over to Keepin’ It Kind to find my recipe – Chocolate Pecan Butter Tart Squares – as well as many other amazing cookie recipes to try this season. Thank you so much Kristy for having me on Keepin’ It Kind today!

[Chocolate Pecan Butter Tart Squares]


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