David’s Tea Holiday Collection Giveaway

I don’t think it’s any secret to anyone who reads The Fig Tree regularly that I love David’s Tea – a Canadian chain that has the best tea selection and sells lots of neat tea paraphernalia. And it sounds like a lot of you love David’s Tea too! In my last post, I mentioned how excited I am to use my David’s Tea advent calendar throughout the month of December. A new tea every day for 24 days – very fun! A lot of you contacted me to see where you could find your own tea advent calendar. After doing some research, I found the David’s Tea online is sold out of the calendars. And it appears a lot of the stores are too! 

But, in the spirit of the holidays, I thought you should not have to go without. So, I am doing a giveaway! The David’s Tea Holiday Tea Collection in fact! The holiday collection has three different festive teas: Santa’s Secret (a black tea with peppermint and mini candy canes), Sleigh Ride (an herbal tea with cinnamon, apple, pop corn, almond, raisins and coconut) and Merry Cranberry (a green tea with cranberry, apple, mistletoe leaves and blackberry leaves). I’ve tried all of these teas and they are wonderful. Sleigh Ride tastes like a delicious apple cider! Elf Help and Alpine Punch are my other two holiday favourites. A perfect blend of holiday teas to say thank you and happy holidays to my wonderful readers. xo

How can you enter to win? Please just leave a comment telling me about one of your favourite holiday traditions. One of my favourite holiday traditions is Christmas baking with my mom and my sister. We always pick a new cookie recipe to try and then make our standards – shortbread and gingerbread men. 

The winner will be announced on Friday, December 7, 2012 at 6PM CST. Two winners up will win a David’ Tea christmas ornament filled with festive tea.

Good luck and happy holidays! Wishing you all a wonderful December.


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    oooh, I love David’s Tea! One of my favorite holiday traditions is baking with my daughters- we look through our cookbooks and magazines and choose all the recipes, plan it out, and bake up lots of treats to give to friends and family. Something I did with my Mom as a little girl.

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    My favourite holiday tradition is having a Christmas movie marathon with my sister and closest friends. Brings back warm fuzzy childhood memories!

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    One of my favorite traditions at Christmas is going out to cut down our Christmas tree. We would always go out cut down the tree, no matter what the temperature and it has been cold! Put it in the back of the truck and bring it home. We all start to decorate the tree with the Christmas music playing in the background, hot chocolate for the kids, and a nice glass of red wine for me and everyone else gets bored and I finish the decorating.

  4. says

    Yay!!! A giveway I’m in.

    My favourite Christmas tradition is the real pine Christmas tree. When I was growing up, we lived deep enough in the forest that we could just pick a tree out of our own backyard. The smell that filled the house, along with my parents’ wood-burning stove was the best. Every time I smell those, it reminds me of my childhood’s Christmas’ in New Brunswick.

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    My family doesn’t have any traditions per se. My mum and I used to make truffles every Christmas Eve until she started working nights. After that, the family tradition became waiting until 2 PM to get our stockings and presents. Haha.

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    I did my research too …and I was sad to find out that my local store and the internet were sold out. It really is an amazing idea to have a tea christmas calendar…!! My favorite christmas tradition is our annual ”doing nothing” day. On december 26, my family and I spend the day reading, watching movies and talking about our semester, friends, job…and so on.

  7. says

    I even tried ebay to find one of the Calendars!

    We have so many Holiday Traditions – a few of my favorites; our Christmas Family Movie at the Theatre, Christmas Eve at my Dad’s complete with a family pic in front of the tree, drive around town at the end of the night to see the christmas lights (I have been doing this since I was born)and Christmas Morning atmy Mom’s with another traditional pic in front of the tree! (My parents seperated when I was in my early 20’s so this whole 2 pics in front of the tree is new :) )

    I am so excited for your giveaway!!!

  8. Kristin D. says

    I’m not entirely sure if this counts as a Christmas tradition because it takes place in the days leading up to the 25th, but my mom’s family is Dutch, so when she was growing up they would celebrate Sinterklaas day (December 5th-6th) as well as Christmas. In the Dutch celebration, children leave their wooden shoes out overnight by the fireplace, and Sinterklaas will fill them with things like pepernoten (anise flavored holiday cookies), candies, small gifts, etc. My mom doesn’t have very many stories of Christmas (her family was very poor and struggled to afford to celebrate it, although they always found a way to make sure that the kids got at least one gift each year), but she has very fond memories of the Sinterklaas day celebration her family attended. My grandparents loved it because it was a little bit of home for them (they emigrated to Canada less than a decade before my moms birth), and my mom and her brothers loved it because they got to be showered and all types of sweets, and extravagence they struggled to afford. As far as I know Sinterklaas day is not ceelbrated anywhere in the city anymore (Sinterklaas has become rather controversial over the years, even in Holland), but my mom still likes to celebrate the day with us. My sister and I still recieve chocolate letters in the shape of our initials (another Sinterklaas tradition)… she’s 19 and I’m 21! Last year she even made homemade speculaas (a type of spice cookie) and boterletter (a pastry filled with almond paste; my favorite Dutch treat). Knowing how fond my mom is of this tradition and what it meant to her family growing up is what makes it my favorite of our Christmas season traditions.

    Although I have to say, one of the other ones that I’m really looking forward to this year is the baking marathon! I discovered your blog over the summer, so I’m really excited to get the chance to try out some of the holiday recipes!

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    Hooray for giveaway! I’m very intrigued by the thought of tea with mini candy canes. I think my favorite holiday tradition is the christmas eve walk–just me, my spouse, a bottle of white russians, and all the christmas lights in town. :) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

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    My favorite holiday tradition is the decorating. We usually wait until December 7th or 8th, and then put up the tree and all the decorations. We used to do it as a family, but even though ours has changed we still do it every year.

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    All of those holiday tea flavours sound amazing – and so Christmassy! I love our Christmas morning tradition – my sisters and I all agree on a time to wake up, then the first thing we do is open our stockings together (yes, we still get our stockings filled!). Then we sit down for a family breakfast of overnight blueberry french toast before opening our gifts to each other.

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    Yummm… David’s Tea! My favourite tradition growing up was a secret santa game we played every year (we called it “Kringling”) – we’d find some fun way to surprise a family once a week throughout December, trying to be very sneaky and secretive. I remember dressing in all black, staying up late and staging a ring-the-doorbell-and-run just to deliver a box of homemade cookies. What fun!

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    Mmmm, tea!

    I adore decorating the tree!!! (Actually we are doing that now), drinking egg nog and watching christmas movies, and I loved driving around town Christmas eve as a kid looking at all the lights.

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    My favourite holiday tradition is decorating the tree. I put on the lights and everyone helps with the rest. Just like Ellen I often end up finishing it myself. I just love this time of year!

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    My favorite Christmas tradition is sleeping in and then watching Christmas themed movies in my warm pj’s with a cup of hot chocolate. I also like the family gatherings and board games around the kitchen table with a bunch of baking that I didn’t do (cause I’m not much of a baker as you know).

  16. says

    oooh i want to play!

    i have a few traditions that absolutely must take place: making and decorating sugar cookies (i know, bad real-food foodie!), sitting in the room with all the lights off except the xmas tree and listening to christmas music and sipping baileys on ice (yes, i do this every year) and making sure the house is well stocked with wine for christmas day and boxing day. i also always have to be the one who puts the lights on the tree. my mom did it every year when i was growing up and i have to do it now.

    xo – happy christmas season!!!

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    Other than Christmas morning, one of my favourite holiday traditions is when our family makes a whole bunch of different appetizers to eat on Christmas Eve, then we watch a Christmas movie or play a game. It’s low-key, stress-free, and casual, so I like it more than the big, more formal dinner on Christmas Day!

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    One of my favorite holiday traditions is opening stockings at my grandparents…my grandmother always gives us an orange to remind us of how that was a very special gift back in the day :)

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    Cool giveaway! My favorite holiday tradition is listening to Christmas carols all month long. A couple of local radio stations play them for the month of December, and I have several albums from my childhood that I enjoy playing on the record player. Those classic songs bring the holiday to life!

  20. says

    My favorite is always trimming our tree. I have loads of ornaments from my entire life, and pulling them out is always a lovely trip down memory lane with my son. He loves talking about them, remembering where they came from and helping me put ALL of them on our tree. It’s a lot, too. We both love it.

    Thanks for this giveaway! email is kate4797 at hotmail dot com

  21. says

    What a wonderful giveaway :)
    We have a couple traditions. One is on Christmas eve we prepare a fancy hot chocolate, set up the fireplace DVD and Christmas music, dress up in footie pj’s, everyone opens one present, and we take a family photo.
    Another is kinda funny. After decorating the tree we each hide a “non-ornament” in the tree. Then everyone draws a name from the hat, then has to find that persons ornament.

  22. says

    One of my favourite holiday traditions is hosting a cookie-decorating party with my book club. I pull out every container of sprinkles in my cupboard and make the boldest icing colours I can blend. These are not precious or pretty cookies – they turn out all kinds of crazy. It’s a fun, no-pressure way to add a little more sweetness to the season.

  23. says

    My favourite holiday tradition is the Christmas morning breakfast that my mom and I put together. Every year we make fresh cinnamon buns, croissants and fresh fruit to enjoy after opening presents :)

  24. Rebecca says

    My most favourite holiday tradition is decorating the Christmas tree at my parent’s place every December 1st. The tradition carries on each year, no matter what else is going on in life! The way we start decorating the tree is by letting my dad put up a candy cane made out of paper that he made when he was FIVE YEARS OLD! That makes that particular (& fragile) ornament 50 years old! My grandmother was an absolutely amazing woman – not too many women would think to keep a random paper ornament that your kid made in kindergarten! I love this tradition above all else with my family around the holidays, as it really kicks off the holiday season for me in the best way possible.

    Also, the Sleigh Ride tea is AMAZING! I had two friends over for a tea party recently, and they said it was one of the best teas they’ve ever had!

  25. says

    One of my favourite holiday traditions is doing a big jigsaw puzzle with my family. It’s something we work on throughout the season, and it’s a good way to take a bit of time out when other things get overwhelming.

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  27. Ciara Black says

    My favorite holiday tradition is going on “Christmas drives” with my family. We would make coffees or hot chocolates and drive around town to see the best Christmas lights! It was the best. Another funny thing my family does is hold a bet with each other to see who will be the first one up on Christmas morning. I don’t know how it started but needless to say I didn’t bother going to sleep at all last year. But when I drove over to my parents’ house at 5am… They were all already awake! Craziness haha. I love Christmas. Good luck everyone!

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