The Fig Tree Turns Two!

On October 13, 2010, I pressed “publish” on my very first post – Chai Spiced Almond Shortbread Cookies. Two years ago today! So, I think that would make today The Fig Tree’s second birthday :) Happy Birthday Fig Tree! <3

Back in early 2010, I was keeping a small paper journal to document all of the recipes I had tried out along with a few photos here and there. In 2010, I had made a goal to try one new recipe a week. Working on that goal really inspired me and encouraged me to cook and bake even more. As a side note, after achieving that goal, I made a new goal (in early 2011), to try 100 new recipes in a year. I achieved that goal as well and had so much fun doing so. I also found cooking therapeutic – and I started to really be interested in cooking with healthy, natural ingredients as well. I was inspired!

 In 2010, I had already been following a few favourite blogs such as Annie’s Eats and 101 Cookbooks. I was very inspired by their work, but never thought I should start a food blog of my own! A good friend of mine eventually suggested I give blogging a shot – and that above anything else, the blog would be a place for me to document my successes (and failures) in the kitchen/my ongoing cooking goals. It could also be a place for me to record daily ongoings in life. It would be a creative outlet for me to share my photography and ideally, a place where I could connect with other food enthusiasts. I was intrigued, and after a few months of debating the idea, I finally sat down and typed up my first post.

I am so glad that I decided to start The Fig Tree and blogging in general. The Fig Tree has become exactly what my friend had suggested – a place for me to share my kitchen adventures, a place to document my food photography and a place where I can connect with others interested in food + cooking. I’ve met some truly wonderful people and consider myself to be incredibly lucky to have such wonderful readers. I never thought I’d have anyone but my family reading The Fig Tree and it thrills me to no end to have readers across the world. Blogging has been a fantastic experience and I look forward to presenting many more posts and meeting more inspiring people along the way.

2 years, 175 posts, and a wonderful group of readers that I appreciate with all of my heart :) Thank you!

In honour of The Fig Tree’s 2nd year blog anniversary, I have decided to highlight my favourite recipes from the past two years. It’s nice to look back and see which recipes were really, truly the very best in my books :) Some of the photos may not be the best, but it’s further proof I’ve improved in the photography-end of things over the past two years! *hehe*

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Chat soon!

Sweet Treats


Main Course



Sandwiches + Burgers

Side Dishes


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    happy anniversary! i’m so glad you started this blog, it’s one of my very favorites. your photos are always gorgeous and the recipes are very inspired. i’m so glad we found each other!

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      Thank you sweetie! :) I am so lucky to have you reading and supporting The Fig Tree. I really appreciate it and all of your kind words. *HUGS* I adore your blog too! I am so glad we connected as well. And I get to meet you soon!!!!

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      Thank you Dassana! :) Me too! It’s been a wonderful journey. I’ve met such inspiring people and have tested myself in the kitchen. Being a bit more daring in the kitchen makes me a bit more daring in life :)

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      Awe, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a sweetie! *HUGS* I am so glad to have met you too! Hopefully we can meet up in the real world someday soon and have a Doctor Who marathon while baking cookies! :) *hehe*

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    Congrats Courtney! Such great photos and recipes over the past two years – I bet it was hard to choose your favourites! I always look forward to your posts and I hope they continue for a long time to come :)

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      Thanks Genevieve! xo
      Thank you so much for your kinds words. And for always reading The Fig Tree and leaving wonderful comments. I’m so very glad we’ve connected through blogging. I adore your blog – I always find such inspiration from your posts!

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      Thank you Natalie! I’m so glad we’ve connected through blogging! I adore your blog. So many delicious recipes and yummy inspiration :) Maybe we can meet up at the Canada Food Bloggers conference in the new year :)

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      Awe, thank you so much! xoxoxo I am so very glad we’ve connected through blogging and have become friends Heather :) Looking forward to keeping in touch and continuing to read your wonderful blog!

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    Happy belated blogiversary! I can’t wait to spend some time checking out that list of faves. Those pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies look awesome!

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