Mayan Riviera & a lot of Guacamole

Hola! I just returned from a wonderful week of sunshine & lazy days spent at the beach. I spent the past week in the Mayan Riviera and shot a beautiful wedding mid-week. It was a fantastic experience. I met a lot of great people, spent time with some old friends, checked out Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Ruins in Tulum. I also spent a ton of time swimming in the ocean. The water was so warm and the waves so much fun. I really wish I lived closer to an ocean!
I am also proud to report that I think I succeeded in my goal of eating my weight in guacamole throughout the week. :) *hehe*

Looking so forward to getting back to blogging and offering up some delicious recipe posts this week. I’ll be sure to include some photos of my trip as well!

Hope you all had a great weekend :)

Hasta luego!


  1. says

    Welcome back! I know how you feel…I loved being on vacation and you don’t want to leave, but once you’re home and cooking in your own kitchen again, you’ll be glad to be back (although the one part I’m not happy about is having to wash all my own dishes again!). Can’t wait to see your Mexican recipes! I feel like all I want to eat now is Asian food, but I’m sure that will pass haha

    • says

      I missed you too! It’s funny how much I missed blogging & cooking/baking while I was gone for 8 days! And how much I missed reading all my fav blogs like yours. I did not have a great internet connection while in Mexico, so I stuck to quick emails and some FB. I definitely had a mojito in your honour. And I may have had some margaritas, some daiquiris, some martinis….*hehe*

  2. Elfya says

    Tulum is lovely!! And so is your blog! Pictures are gorgeous, both here and on Pinterest! It all looks so yummy. I am sharing with my boyfriend, who is addicted too cookbooks and cooking too :-)

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