Pumpkin Spice Latté Mousse


The leaves have started to change from a bright green to vibrant, fiery shades of red, yellow and orange. So pretty! And according to the calendar, it’s officially fall. Do you know what that means!? It means that I can finally post pumpkin recipes on the blog. *hehe* Even though fall is my very favourite season, I like to hold onto the last bits of summer as much as possible. Winter on the Canadian Prairies can be quite harsh, so I like to savour summer – every last bit! To kick off fall on The Fig Tree today, I want to share…

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Changing Seasons Meal Plan


Today, I’m over at the Food Bloggers of Canada sharing a 7 day vegetarian menu plan that celebrates the changing of seasons. This week’s meal plan uses a variety of late summer produce (tomatoes, zucchini, corn, basil and peppers) and some early fall produce such as pumpkin. There’s also two recipes featuring cauliflower for good measure. Since The Fig Tree is a wholesome food blog that celebrates vegetarian and vegan cuisine from around-the-world, this week’s meal plan is set up to take you and your family on a trip around the globe. From Mexican to Chinese, from Indian to Italian,…

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Deviled Egg(less) Salad Sandwiches


Even though I am no longer in school, September always feels like a fresh start to me . It always feels more like “New Year’s” to me than actual New Year’s! I’m not too sure why this is. I think I used to really look forward to going back to school in September, so I could start working toward personal goals I had been dreaming about all summer. And I loved when school started again, as I’d always get my new agenda for the year! What can I say, I’m a planner. I love me a new agenda book! This “new” year,…

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