Sugar Cookies

Cookies!!! How I love them!!! They are by far my favourite treat. I have very little restraint around cookies. :) Maybe that is why one of my good friends has dubbed me “the cookie monster.” *haha* This week I took a course with my mom on how to decorate sugar cookies. I have to say, the course was fantastic. It was a lot of fun and super informative. I loved learning all of the different techniques using royal icing. After the teacher taught us all the techniques, we were free to create/decorate some of our own cookies. Below are some of the cookies I decorated. I love the pink cookies the best! So pretty!

 I will be posting a “how-to” in the next few weeks, so you can make some tasty sugar cookies and decorate them as your heart desires too. Stay tuned! 


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    wow, these are gorgeous! I really wish I was capable of making something like this. My skills are limited to drop cookies! Plus I hate rolling dough! :) Love your blog, everything always looks so yummy!

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