Changing Seasons + A Short Break

Last week while at a football game, I felt the first crisp, cool winds of fall. Even though the days have still been fairly hot here on the Canadian Prairies, the evenings are definitely feeling more chilly. I absolutely love the change of seasons here. Each season is so distinct and holds its own natural magic; it’s own fleeting beauty. Fall is definitely my favourite season. Winter is my least favourite. But to be fair, it gets COLD here on the prairies! I do love the snow though. Snow is winter’s redeeming quality. There are few prettier things than gentle snowflakes dancing, spinning and falling outside the window. 

And with the changing season, I find myself in a reflective mood – looking back at a wonderful, yet incredibly busy summer and looking forward to a relaxing fall of cooking and baking up a storm! But before I jump into said cooking and baking, I need to get over this horrible flu bug that has me completely out-of-commission and catch up on things I had to put off due to being sick. Therefore, I am going to be taking a 10 day break from blogging and re-group. I have a bazillion ideas for The Fig Tree for the upcoming months, but need to actually get the ideas out onto paper and start organizing myself. 

So, with that, I shall see you all on Tuesday, September 3, 2012, for the launch of Vegan Tuesdays on The Fig Tree. I very much hope you will stop by to see what I’m cooking up for the fall :) *yes, pun intended*

Cheers! Enjoy the last few days of August. Summer may be coming to an end, but there is so much to look forward to! Pumpkin Pie Lattes are the first thing to come to mind :)


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    Yes- get yourself better Court, we will be waiting fro you when you return. Cna’t wait for Vegan Tuesdays, what a great idea!

    I agree with you a 100% on the changing of the seasons and Fall also being my favourite season of all and winter my least – but like you, I find a snow storm irresistable :)

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      Thanks Heather. xoxo. Finally starting to feel better. Now, I am going to work on some posts for Vegan Tuesdays. I have a long list of recipes I want to try. Cannot wait! :)

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      Awe, thank you so much! I’m looking forward to Vegan Tuesdays too! I have so many ideas and recipes to try. Cannot wait. I’ll hopefully test out one of the ideas tonight for dinner.

  2. Anonymous says

    You are a smart lady taking a break,you have had a busy year never mind summer.sit back and enjoy,we will be waiting and be ready
    For your cookin and your lovely way with pictures and stories..have fun…

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      Thank you! xoxo
      Me too! I’m excited to have some time to actually cook and put together some posts to share :)
      I apologize in advanced for all of the pumpkin and butternut squash recipes coming up! *hehe*

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      You make a good point! Cooking with the flu = bad. I tried to make dinner on saturday and coughed all over the vegetables I was chopping. Surprisingly, Jesse did not want to eat what I made. *HAH*

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    First of all, I love how beautifully this post was written! I agree, I love fall. I think I will miss the changing of seasons this year, but I won’t miss the cold! Granted, Victoria never got very cold, but I did my time in Winnipeg enduring the frozen winters. :) I’m looking forward to vegan Tuesdays!! Sounds awesome.

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      Thank you Alison! :) *hugs*
      Yeah…Winnipeg winters….not much to brag about…*haha* I just heard that the country will have above normal temperatures this fall….expect for Winnipeg and Edmonton. Oh, yippee! *HAH*

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